Anjali Arora had drank phenyl, Payal Rohatgi tried to cut her hand, Kangana also revealed in Lock Up

Sensational revelations are heard from Kangana Ranaut’s atrocious jail lock up. Now if you want to stay in jail then you have to make some important contribution. Whether it is the content or the secrets to avoid eviction. Judgment Day is a very special day of the show. The spectators are also eager to know the secrets of the prisoners who gaze. So like every time, the same thing happened this time too. The Nominated Contestants made shocking revelations of their lives. Whatever Payal Rohatgi and Anjali Arora have told, Kangana Ranaut once again appeared to reveal her secret.

If seen, Payal has been in the headlines for the past few days due to the pregnancy struggle. She had told that she can never become a mother and that Sangram loves children so he asked her to marry someone else. While telling this thing, she also got emotional many times. Now he told his secret to avoid eviction. Said, ‘It is related to a love angle, which was very harmful for my personal life. I started drinking a lot. I used to drink alcohol for 48 hours. It was a complete suicide. I even tried to cut my hand.

Anjali Arora also committed suicide attempt
Apart from this, Anjali Arora also shared an incident when she also attempted suicide. Anjali says, ‘My brother was very protective. And he took care not to talk to the boys. So once I bunked tuition class, when I was in 11th standard. and went to a nearby cafe with her batchmates. Now a friend of my brother saw me and told him that I am there. My brother came there and slapped me in front of everyone. I started crying. And begged him not to tell this to his father, otherwise he would scold him a lot. But he went and told this to his father and he slapped me and locked me in a room. And said that now I will not go out of the house. Then I drank phenyl and closed the door. Then my brother broke open the door and saved me.’

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Kangana Ranaut told her secret
After listening to the secret of these two, Kangana also shared an anecdote from her childhood and told that this happened to her too when her cousin used to come to her house complaining about whom she is talking to and whom she is meeting. . She says, “My cousin would stand near other colleges, stare and chase the girls, but if boys from their college came near our college, we would be beaten up. Once I had packed my bags and wanted to run away from home. She was 8 years old at that time. Everyone has thoughts of running away but only those who are cowardly and weak do so.