After ‘Lock Up’ finale, now Karanvir Bohra will do this work, revealed the pauper in the show

Kangana Ranaut’s reality show ‘Lock Up’ has recently ended. The winner of this season has become Comedian Munawar Faruqui. Even though the finale of the show has been done, but its contestants still remain in the discussion. Acid attack warriors had come in an episode of this show, whose painful story everyone cried. At that time, Contestant Karanvir Bohra had promised to meet him again, which he has now fulfilled. After coming out of the show, he not only invited everyone to his house, but also made a promise (Karanvir Bohra to open clinic for acid attack warriors), knowing that you will not get tired of praising the TV actor.

Karanvir Bohra hosted an Iftar party for Acid Attack Warriors at his house, photos of which are going viral on social media. He had an exclusive conversation with our partner ETimes and told what was the main reason behind meeting these warriors.

Karanvir got inspired by Acid Attack Warriors

Karanvir Bohra said, ‘There were two reasons behind inviting these acid attack survivors at home. First, I promised to meet him. I met her in the show (Lock Up) when she came on Women’s Day. We were very happy and surprised to see them. We met real people, true warriors and fighters. She went through the worst phase of her life and is still fighting. He has overcome his fear, is battling it and living his life with his head held high. It’s a great quality and I was really inspired.’

Warriors open Rosa with Karanvir
The actor further said, ‘They (Acid Attack Warriors) were not sure that I would actually meet them. The first thing I did was to invite them to my house. Incidentally it was the 27th day of Ramadan. She wanted to go back and break her fast, but I insisted that she break her fast with me. He blessed me and I just wanted to help him somehow.’

This one hobby had made Karanvir Bohra a pauper, himself told where he lost his hard earned money
Actors will do this noble work
Karanvir wants to do a noble cause for the acid attack victim. Actually, he wants to open a clinic for them and he has started work for it. He is working on this together with his wife. He also told that surgery is very expensive for him and he has to undergo many surgeries. This is his biggest fight. That’s why he wanted to be a part of this campaign. Opening a hospital is a big responsibility, so he will open a clinic. He will also work hard for this.

This request to the people
Karanvir has requested people not to misbehave with acid attack victims after seeing their faces as it hurts them a lot. They are already going through pain, so understand their feelings and don’t discriminate against them. At present, after appearing in ‘Lock Up’, Karanvir wants to come back on TV soon.

Karanvir is in debt
Karanvir made a shocking disclosure on the show. He had told that he is in debt and doing the show only to pay the dues. He also told how he had become poor. He had revealed that the hobby of making films had left him nowhere.