YRKKH Spoiler Alert: Akshara-Abhinav try to establish a new world, Abhimanyu reaches Kasauli to ruin everything again!

YRKKH Spoiler Alert: Akshara-Abhinav try to establish a new world, Abhimanyu reaches Kasauli to ruin everything again!

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai New Twist: In the show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Akshara and Abhinav have brought Abir with them to Kasauli without informing anyone. Only the Goenka family knew about this. In such a situation, when Manjari Birla came to know about this, she lifted the sky on her head. In such a situation, Manjari provoked Abhimanyu a lot.

Abhinav-Akshara created a new world

In the coming episodes, Akshara will be seen building her new world, which Abhimanyu will reach there to destroy. Actually, both Akshara and Abhinav are from middle class families, in such a situation, they come up with another business idea to earn money and survive. They both convert their house into a stay home. In such a situation, they also get a booking. Because Akshara Abhinav has to win the case and for that he will have to hire a lawyer, whose fees will also be high. In such a situation, both have made this new beginning by reducing their space. But meanwhile a big twist comes to the fore.

Abhimanyu arrives to destroy Akshara’s life?  

Now Akshara Abhinav has got her first booking, in such a situation the ground will slip from the feet of both of them when only Abhimanyu will be standing at the door as a guest. That is, the person who has booked for the home stay is none other than Abhimanyu. When Abir sees Abhimanyu, he will be very happy. A new promo has come out from the show in which it is shown that Akshara makes the whole house brand new, makes all kinds of arrangements for the guest’s stay. Decorates the room of the house. Only then there is a sound at the gate, all the members of the house are seen in Himachali costumes.

Akshara stands at the door with a plate of flowers. Akshara cannot see anything from behind the curtain. As soon as Abhi enters inside the house, Abir sees and Akshara showers flowers. When she hears Dockman from Abir’s mouth, she is shocked. Abhimanyu stands in front. What will happen next? Will Akshara cancel this booking? Or will she have to give shelter to Abhi at her house for the money? Will Abhimanyu take Abir away from his mother and  Will take you to Udaipur? It would be interesting to know.

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