YRKKH Spoiler Alert: Abhimanyu gets burnt again in Manjari’s fire, Aarohi will rebel against Abir!

YRKKH Spoiler Alert: Abhimanyu gets burnt again in Manjari’s fire, Aarohi will rebel against Abir!

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Episode: In the show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Abhimanyu was accused by Akshara that Abir’s life is in danger today because of him. However, it was Abhi who operated on Abir and his surgery was successful. In such a situation, there was no place for the happiness of the Goenka family and the Birla family, but now in the meantime Akshara again played a trick, due to which Manjari started narrating to Abhimanyu and once again gave the key to Abir.&nbsp ;

Manjari gives the key to Abhimanyu, Akshara runs away with Abir

In the coming episodes of the show, a lot of interesting scenes are going to happen. Actually, Abir’s surgery has been successful, while the child will also be discharged. Only then will Akshara and Abhinav come to Kasauli from Udaipur with Abir. When Abhimanyu will get the news of this, he will be very upset. No one else will mention this but Manjari. If Manjari tells this thing to Abhi by applying chili spices, then he will be craving for Abir. Here, Adhra will be very happy to come to her house in Kasauli, which will not be for long. Only then Abhimanyu will call Akshara and threaten her that Akshara should bring Abir to Udaipur otherwise there will be a ruckus.

What will Akshara do now, she has come to Kasauli. Akshara wants to keep her child away from Abhi, so will Akshara be able to stop Abhi from meeting Abir?  It will be very interesting to know. 

There is no one thinking about poor Ruhi and Aarohi. Ruhi is still a child and she has been extinguished, but Aarohi is not innocent. He knows that if Abhi gets the custody of Abir, then Ruhi and Aarohi will be of no importance to Abhi. The story is getting very confusing. It will be really interesting to know how this case of Abir will be sorted. It is believed that Aarohi will now revolt and demand her rights from the Birla family.

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