YRKKH Preview: Many lives will be shattered by this step of Akshara, will Abhimanyu be able to cure Abir?

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Preview Episode: There is a lot of tension going on in the TV show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Abir’s health has deteriorated so much that he has been admitted to the hospital. At the same time, Akshara and Abhinav are running here and there insensibly. Akshara now learns that her son has a hole in his heart, in which case an operation will have to be done as soon as possible. But the fees will seem hefty. Rs 20 lakh is required for the child’s operation, which Abhinav is unable to complete. What will happen in such a situation? of Akshara’s son Abir. 

Akshara’s troubles increase

The problems have not reduced for Akshara, the second problem is that the doctor who will treat her will be none other than Abhimanyu. But Akshara is adamant that she will not take Abir to Abhi. no  So some of his old secrets will be revealed. Where will Akshara go and what will she do?

Will Abhi be able to cure Abir?

It will be shown in the coming episodes that Abhinav will explain to Akshara that the child is more important for them. If his life is to be saved then this has to be done. In such a situation, in the coming days, when Akshara agrees, Abhimanyu will go out of the city. So that Abir’s treatment will take time. Will Abir affect its health? Will Akshara and Abhinav be able to save Abir’s life? It would be very interesting to know.

If Abhi comes to know about Abir’s condition and comes running, will it spoil his relationship with Aarohi? Or will she support Abhi? Abhi’s future is connected with all these things. But if Abir’s truth comes to the fore, how long will Aarohi and Abhi’s relationship last? Only time will tell.

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