Why are the hospital people not giving Armaan Malik’s son? This is the condition of second wife after delivery

Armaan Malik Kritika Malik Baby Under Observation: Renowned YouTuber Armaan Malik has become a father once again. His second wife Kritika Malik has given birth to a son. The entire Malik family is eager to see the little guest, but the doctors have not yet given them their baby. The child has been kept under observation for 24 hours. In the latest vlog, Armaan’s first wife Payal was seen worried about the child.

Armaan Malik-Kritika became parents
Kritika Malik became a mother for the first time on 6 April 2023. He welcomed a son, whose face has not yet been shown. The child has been kept under the supervision of doctors since birth. The reason for this is Kritika not having a normal delivery. The doctors are keeping an eye on the baby’s health right now. In the latest vlog, Payal was seen telling that despite the baby being fine, the doctors are not giving the new born baby.

Kritika’s baby not being received from the hospital

It was shown in the latest vlog that Payal Malik went to the hospital to meet Kritika and she was insisting to meet the baby again and again. Payal says that the doctors are not giving the child right now, but they still want the baby. He also said that the baby is absolutely fine, then why is there so much delay in handing over the baby to him? Viva was given immediately.


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Kis par gaya hai baby?
Armaan Malik is yet to reveal the face of his new born baby, but new mommy Kritika says that her baby’s eyes have gone to mommy. She was conscious during the delivery and saw and touched her baby. At present, Kritika is absolutely fine and it is expected that she will be discharged from the hospital by 8 April 2023.

Payal Malik is also pregnant

Armaan Malik’s first wife Payal Malik will soon give birth to two twins. Armaan Malik will now become the father of four children.

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