Paras Kalnavat had claimed! Many actors want to leave ‘Anupama’, now this actress reacted to Rupali Ganguly’s show

Paras Kalnavat had claimed!  Many actors want to leave ‘Anupama’, now this actress reacted to Rupali Ganguly’s show

Nidhi Shah Reacted On Paras Kalnawat Statement: Paras Kalnawat, who was an actor of the show ‘Anupama’, has left the show long back. These days the actor is seen in the show ‘Kundali Bhagya’. Paras had recently claimed about the show ‘Anupama’ that if the actors of this show get a chance, they would like to leave the show. In such a situation, Nidhi Sah has reacted to this statement of the actor. 

Kinjal daughter-in-law reacts to the death of actor Paras
 In ‘Anupama’, Nidhi Shah plays the character of Anupama’s daughter-in-law Kinjal. When Nidhi Shah heard about this comment of the actor, she reacted to it. During this, the actress said – the one who has to leave the show will definitely leave. No one will fold hands to stop him.

Nidhi Shah said this on the actor’s comment
Now Nidhi, who plays the role of Kinjal on the show, has commented on this statement of Paras and expressed her disagreement. According to the report of Hindustan Times, the actress said- ‘The show is doing so well in terms of TRP. Whoever is associated with this show, and whatever he is doing, is playing it with all his heart and is enjoying it. Everything is going well. The actress further said- ‘Why would anyone want to leave this show? The show has remained number one continuously for 3 years. You see the rest of the shows, how much do you go. Right now there are hardly 3 or 4 shows which are running for a long time. The rest are not able to run properly even for 6 months.’

What was the whole matter
During the Ask Me Anything session, Paras Kalnawat said this about the Anupama show. He had said- ‘I am thankful to the makers that they offered me this great show. To reach somewhere one has to leave from somewhere. But now I am in a better place and in more peace. To tell the truth, if 80 percent people get a chance, they leave this show. Not everyone has the courage to take risks in life and fight for what is right.’

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