‘Karan Johar you make films, till then it is fine’, Suyyash Rai furious at Bigg Boss OTT host

It has been just two weeks since ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ started that the show’s host Karan Johar has started pointing fingers. In Sunday’s episode of ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, although Karan Johar himself said many times that he is a ‘fair host’, but the audience can see the difference in his words and actions. Along with the rest of the public, the ex-contestant and singer of ‘Bigg Boss 9’ (Suyyash Rai) has also called Karan Johar very badly. Expressing anger on Instagram, Suyyash called him a ‘loser’ (Suyyash Rai Targets Karan Johar). Suyash further said that Karan Johar should only make films and he is fine till there. Everything is not done just by becoming a host, the dignity of this post has to be maintained.

Suyash Rai came out in support of Divya AgarwalIn his second ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, Karan Johar once again lashed out at Divya Agarwal. He not only stopped Divya from speaking several times, but also asked the actress to pay attention to her ‘tone’. On the contrary, like last time, this time also, Shamita Shetty was seen giving full opportunity to speak. Karan also gave Zeeshan Khan a chance to speak virtually throughout the show. In such a situation, Suyyash Rai made six posts one after the other on his Instagram story. Sharing the screenshot of the episode, Suyash wrote, ‘They have lost their plot!’

‘You are not Salman, take care of your tone’Suyash further wrote, ‘Dear Karan Johar… Let me break the balloon of your misunderstanding. You are not Salman Khan. So do serious things after thinking carefully!’ In his next slide, Suyash wrote, ‘Did not know that Karan Johar is such a big loser.’ Suyash in his posts was quite annoyed that Karan Johar asked Divya Agarwal to focus on his ‘tone’. Actually, in Sunday’s episode, Divya was talking to Karan in a loud voice, to which Karan said, ‘You handle your tone, don’t ever talk to me like this.’

‘Do all this with your Shamita’Suyash further writes in his post, ‘Dear Karan Johar, from next time you must check your tone, only then expect that other people talk to you properly. And it would be better if you don’t point fingers at Divya from the front!!! If you have to do all this then do it with your Shamita Shetty. Tagging Karan Johar, Suyash wrote, ‘Make films, till there it is fine!’

‘Nothing happens just by being a host’Suyash also expressed grief for Zeeshan in the last slide of Insta Story. He wrote, ‘I feel very bad for Zeeshan in today’s episode. Poor boy, the way he was treated today…he didn’t do anything like that, really nothing!! I’m sorry but no one has entered that house to insult him (Karan Johar). There is a way to solve every situation, just being the host is not the game, you have to do justice to the position!!’

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