GHKKPM Spoiler Alert: Earthquake is about to come in Virat’s life, Sai’s letter will change from yes to no

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Latest Episode: The perfect track of Virat and Sai’s meeting is going on. But in every perfect story there is always an entry of a villain. Just like this, once again Cess Patralekha will swing her stick of negativity and separate Virat-Sai. Yes, in the coming episodes it will be shown that Patralekha Says will brainwash Sai when she meets him.

Patralekha will brainwash Sai

Her Trapped in talks, Pakhi will tell Sai that once upon a time Pakhi was in place of Sai and Sai was in place of Pakhi, in such a situation, Sai must be understanding what it feels like to be the ‘other woman’. Sai will get thinking after hearing these things. After this she will tell Pakhi that she is going to say anything. Sai will say that you know what Virat said, but you do not know that I did not say yes to Virat. Pakhi will react on this and say that ‘You didn’t even say no’. Hearing this, once again Sai will become silent. Now in the upcoming episode, Sai will say something to Virat that will break his heart. There may be some other twist in the rest of the story.

Virat had proposed Sai

Tell me, after fighting and winning the war with the enemies The injured Virat had told his heart to Sai. Sai had become numb at that time. She was not able to answer Virat’s words. Virat told Sai- ‘I want to make you my life partner once again, Sai. I want to marry you again and make you my partner. Because I love you very much.’

Sai could not speak during this time. However, later he is released that ‘Virat ne sab kah diya’. He told his heart, but he did not listen to me. It will be interesting to know what Virat will get from Sai.

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