Bharti Singh’s pain on body shaming, said- ‘Called by many names’

Bharti Singh’s pain on body shaming, said- ‘Called by many names’

Bharti Singh: Comedy Queen Bharti Singh has made a special and different identity in the world of TV. Breaking many myths, Bharti Singh has achieved the position today, behind which many years of hard work and Lots of courage. Bharti Singh recently told that many times she has become a soft target of the people. He is being trolled unnecessarily. So even before becoming a star, he was made fun of and called by different names.

‘Had to listen a lot for body weight’

Bharti Singh tells that she has got to hear a lot about her body weight. She has been seeing all this since the early days of her career. According to Pinkvilla, Bharti told that she has been called by many different names. ‘Some used to say fat, gandi and some elephant.’ She tells- that she has accepted the fact that she is fatty. She said- ‘I am not the daughter of a confectioner, I am not even middle class. I am from poor class. Now I have become fat by eating such food. So what should I do?’ She tells that she was happy with her obesity before and is still today. She is good as she is.

‘This is my life’- said Bharti Singh

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