BBOTT: Husband Sameeruddin said on Neha’s closeness with Prateek – both seem like high school children

Bigg Boss OTT Contestant Neha Bhasin has emerged as a strong player in the show. She is known for her nature and performance in the task. However, Neha is also in news about her housemate and her connection with Prateek. Our colleague ETimes had an exclusive conversation with Neha’s husband Sameeruddin. He not only talked about his wife’s closeness with Prateek but also shared his views on the fight he had with his old connection Milind Gaba. When asked about Neha’s game, Sameeruddin said, “Neha is quick and strong as a human being but at the same time she is also very emotional. In such a situation, I was also very worried when he had agreed to go to Bigg Boss. The first week went well, the second week was a bit worried but now it looks like he has got the center and I am enjoying his game.

Neha believes in her strength
With whom was Neha stronger, Milind or Prateek? On this question, Sameeruddin said, ‘I look at this question as who feels stronger with Neha – Milind or Prateek? Neha first believes in her strength. Had it not been for this, she would not have broken her connection with Milind, even after knowing that there are only connections that will go till the end of the game. She was going to play the game alone but then Prateek broke his connection so that he could make it with Neha but I think Neha and Prateek are strong together.

What did you say about your closeness with Prateek?
On discussing Neha’s closeness with Prateek, Sameeruddin said, “When the contestants were going to the house, they were told that it would be a game of connections. Bigg Boss had made it clear that the strongest connections will go till the end. You are locked in a house and know nothing about the outside world. Then you have to be with the connection almost full time. Now in such a situation, a person will express his love, hatred, anger, with him. And not only Neha, it is the same with the rest of the connections. Prateek and Neha look like they are high school kids who compete, fight, flirt, tease and prank each other. They also help each other when needed. Those who know Neha closely, know that she is likewise in the outside world.

Nishant and Muskaan are the strongest contestants
Who do you think are the strongest contestants in the house? In response to this question, Sameeruddin says, ‘I think Nishant and Muskaan are strong. Nishant knows the format of the show very well and has a very good presence of mind and balance. Asked if you think Prateek is using Neha for his game and Neha should be careful, Sameeruddin says, “To be honest it doesn’t seem so. Prateek has his own fan following and is a well-known name in the world of TV. At the same time, Neha comes from the world of music and art, so I do not think that Prateek will see his own benefit just by coming together.

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