Adil said- ‘I am always with Rakhi…’ Social media users lashed out, stop being nibba-nibbi

Adil said- ‘I am always with Rakhi…’ Social media users lashed out, stop being nibba-nibbi

Adil Durrani On Rakhi Sawant Cheating Allegations: Television industry’s biggest drama queen Rakhi Sawant’s life’s problems do not seem to end. The actress appears every day with a new case. Rakhi is in headlines these days for her personal life. Now once again the Bigg Boss fame actress says that her husband Adil Durrani has cheated on her. After Rakhi’s allegations, Adil himself has given his reaction on them. 

Then the drama of breakup and patchup started 
Adil told the media that he is always with Rakhi. Hearing all this, the temperature of the social media users became high and they started trolling the couple for this drama. While dating Adil, Rakhi Sawant has done the drama of cheating and patching up many times. Now people are tired of it. 

Rakhi had leveled allegations of cheating
Actually, a few days ago Rakhi had said that Adil had cheated her for some other girl. A few days after the death of mother Jaya Bheda, Rakhi wept bitterly in front of the media. Talking to the media, Rakhi said that Adil has used her for name, money and fame. The actress had said that,  Adil has cheated her and left. 

Adil said- ‘I am always with him’
Meanwhile, Adil himself came in front of paparazzi and gave a statement on the allegations leveled against him. On Sunday, Adil spoke on Rakhi’s allegations and said that he was always with her. Talking to paparazzi, he said that he does not want to blame Rakhi but he is not going anywhere. 

Users trolled fiercely
Social media users got agitated over this video and trolled both of them fiercely. Users even went so far as to say that both of them stop being nibba-nibbi. 

One user wrote, "Psychology says, when a man starts scratching his beard, then understand that he is lying. The third one said, "Media people are giving it a different fame."

 The fourth said, "Adil will not be as wrong as Rakhi is accusing him."

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