TS Schools: Educational institutions are likely to open from the 31st of this month … The government is inclined to conduct direct classes …!

Information that the government has decided to open schools and colleges in Telangana and conduct live classes. The government has extended the holidays to 30 this month due to the corona uplift in the state. However, despite the high number of corona cases … the medical health department thinks that there are no serious cases and they are healing quickly. & nbsp; Information that the government intends to start direct classes in educational institutions with this. The government intends to resume classes from the 31st of this month, or the second week of February, if conditions allow. However, if children are to be sent to school, online & zwnj; Choose classes? Is for parents to have the freedom to decide. & nbsp;

Online Classes ; With this, the Telangana government has extended the Sankranthi holiday till the 30th. Corona has extended the holiday to Jan. 30 to focus on student health due to a huge increase in cases. However, with a view to the future of the students, it has been directed to conduct online classes for the 8th, 9th and 10th classes from last Monday. However, with the holidays coming to an end in another five days, it seems likely that schools will reopen from Monday. However, there is information that the government is planning to maintain a direct balance sheet. The government hopes to extend the holidays by another week and reopen schools after the next five days, despite a sharp rise in cases and unfavorable conditions.

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