TS Liquor Shops: Demand for AP border liquor stores more than Hyderabad! Do you know how many applications came ..?

Telangana Government & zwnj; Liquor kicks into the treasury. Arrangements have been made to hold an auction song for the new stores. Applications are pouring in to sing in the auction song like this. Only through applications can the Telangana government get Rs. 1357 crore in revenue. A total of 67,849 applications were received from a total of 262 stores. The application fee is Rs. Two lakhs. In a draw, whether the shop has a license or not, it is available to the government who will not return it. Due to these application fees Rs. 1357 crore to the Government. & Nbsp;

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Competition for liquor shops is high in the Andhra border areas. Most of the tenders were in Khammam Excise Division. In Khammam, 1212 shops received 6212 applications. On an average, 51 people are competing for each store in Khammam. In fact competition should be high within the Hyderabad range. But the demand for liquor is higher in the border areas than in Hyderabad. No branded liquor can be found in AP. That is why more and more people are coming to the border liquor stores to buy. That’s why there is so much competition. & Nbsp;

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Hyderabad & zwnj; Telangana liquor stores in the border areas are registering more sales than ever before. The liquor store in Undavelli village in Jogulamba Gadwala district, which borders Kurnool, is ranked No. 1 in sales. It sold a record Rs 64 crore worth of liquor in two years. & nbsp; Another wine located in the Alampur range & zwnj; The shop sold liquor worth Rs 58 crore. According to this calculation, liquor sales in Undavelli village alone were Rs 122 crore. & nbsp;

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