TS Congress: Telangana Congress leaders unite in tax evasion .. Warning that KCR will step down if rice is not bought

All the Congress seniors attended the two-day paddy inauguration held at the T-Congress Dharna Chowk demanding the Central and State Governments to procure paddy in Telangana. Komatireddy Venkatereddy has been absent from party activities for several days due to the mistake of appointing Rewanth Reddy as TPCC chief. Along with him, other seniors also seemed to be untouched. & nbsp; They all appeared together at the inauguration at Indirapark. Are being initiated. The central and state governments are cheating the farmers and demanded immediate purchase of paddy from them. KCR was incensed that rice farmers were being hanged. Gundu and Aragundu are giving us nicknames. Narendra Modi in a shirt in Parliament .. warned that they will buy grain even if there are four punches. Memandram was warned to sleep in Dharna Chowk. KCR clarified that if the grain is not bought, the yard will be vacated.

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Former PCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy has criticized Modi and KCR for cheating farmers. It is alleged that the Center has set a target of procuring 40 lakh tonnes of rice but has not procured even 8 lakh tonnes so far. The Center has already procured 10 lakh tonnes of rice in Punjab. Even states smaller than us are procuring 40 lakh tonnes of rice. KCA has been blamed for causing losses to rice farmers. The best promise is to fight for the rice farmers in the Parliament sessions. & Nbsp;

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& nbsp; Putting aside the purchase of monsoon grain. Yasangi was incensed that he was talking about the crop. KCR has no humanity .. It is alleged that the devil is working to make money. & nbsp; KCR tongue kosina is not wrong..KCR has been criticized for living in a pub with lies. KCR snatching a new secretariat that is not needed .. Now he questioned whether the money would be useful to the farmers. KCR Law Let’s go to Delhi and sleep at home … Komatireddy announced to sit in front of the Prime Minister’s Office.

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