Snake Bite: The snake bit me .. tied me up with yellow and put me to sleep .. finally ..

A child was killed by a woman who did not know how to react immediately to a snake bite. As soon as the child was bitten by a snake, a nanny was tied to the place where it was bitten and laid down. The incident took place in Gajwel constituency of Medak district. Her parents are shedding tears as the child, who went to the Anganwadi Center with a smile on her face in the morning, became lifeless in the afternoon. As soon as the snake bites, the person working in the Anganwadi was angry that their child would have survived if they had responded appropriately.

According to locals and police, Siddipet district Gajwel & zwnj; King Kamalla and his wife Santhosh live in Mandalam Bayyaram village. They have a four-year-old daughter named Nityashree. They have been living in Anganwadi in the same village with their daughter for a year and a half. Wadi is being sent to the center. At 12.30 pm on Thursday, while the child was playing in front of the Anganwadi Center, the girl Nityashree suddenly fell down. Immediately a nanny named Dhakamma who was working in the same center came and noticed. Aya Dhakamma, who noticed bleeding in her left leg, was rushed to the Anganwadi Center with yellow bandages on her wounds. Anganwadi activist Anita Chinnari informed her mother about this. Gajwel & zwnj; Moved to Government Hospital. Examining doctors found that the girl had died from a snake bite. Angan & zwnj; Adjacent to the Wadi Center are the sewers and the Government School Prahari. When the girl went to the wall for urination, the locals noticed that the snake might have bitten her. Two cobra babies were found in the alley of the wall. The parents were adamant that the child would not have died if the snake bite had been detected. The locals also shed tears when they saw them.

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