Robbery: The only target is the lone traveler.

Police have arrested two persons, MD Imran and MD Harbasson, for robbery in Warangal. Warangal Police Commissioner Tarun Joshi disclosed the details of the arrest. One of the accused, Imran, was a mechanic who used to earn a living by drinking and partying. The accused committed a burglary in a house in the vicinity of Geesugonda police station in 2016 for the money needed for his jalsa. Police arrested the accused and took him to jail. He came out after that. The accused, who was released from jail, worked as a mechanic in Bhadrachalam area for a few days. He returned to Warangal with a lock down due to corona. At the same time the accused was introduced to Harbasson from Maharashtra. He was working on the tiles. The two were drinking and partying together. Lacking money, they sometimes attacked and robbed people traveling alone in desolate places. & nbsp; One robbery in Inteja Ganj area, two thefts. A theft was reported within the confines of Hanmakonda police station. A two-wheeler was hijacked at the Karimnagar bus stand in October last month. There are many types of thefts.

The police pay special attention to these thefts. & nbsp; The culprits were identified based on CCTV footage. & nbsp; Vehicle inspections were carried out following information that the suspects were roaming in the Underbridge area. At this point the accused was coming on a stolen vehicle in Karimnagar when the police tried to stop him on suspicion. & nbsp; Both suspects were caught trying to escape. During the investigation, all the original material came out.

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