Prominent astrologer Mulugu Ramalingeswara Siddhanti is no more

Famous calendar maker Mulugu Ramalingeswara Siddhanti .. died of a heart attack. On Sunday he fell seriously ill. Family members .. The family members were taken to a hospital in Hyderabad due to problems with breathing. However, doctors revealed that Ramalingeswaraswamy died of a heart attack halfway through the journey. Many people believe in the astrology he says along with the zodiac signs. Telugus abroad also believe. Impartial, true astrological results, predicting many things that will happen in the future through the calendar .. Informed people through his calendar. Mulugu Siddhanti came from Guntur and settled in Hyderabad. However, before Mulugu could begin his spiritual life as a theorist, MR & zwnj; Prasad & zwnj; He is best known as a mimicry artist by name.

Celebrities are shocked by the death of Mulugu Siddhanti. Ramalingeswara Siddhanti’s funeral will be held on Monday at 5.30 pm at the Hindu Cemetery near the Malakpet Race Course.

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