Poisonous Snake: Kissing a snake and posing for photos .. for a few hours ..!

Hyderabad Man Has Bitten Venomous Snake: Adults say that even if the four of us do not like what we are doing, it will not endanger anyone’s lives. Going to work, even if you do not want to be a drunkard or an expert, can be life threatening. Work done by one person for fun has become poisonous. He was eventually hospitalized and hovering among the dead. Akash (30), a native of Maharashtra, migrated to Hyderabad some time ago.

He currently resides with his wife and two children in Kattamayasammabasti in the glass district of Medchal. He makes a living by throwing stones. Catching snakes is a buttered education for him. Akash caught a snake that came into the jungle on Sunday evening. He played tricks on the snake without stopping. He took selfies and videos of himself kissing the snake.

Released the venomous snake shortly after the games with the snake. But at night he suddenly fell ill. He was rushed to Mallareddy Hospital in Suraram for treatment. However, he was taken ill by a snake bite. Akash is said to be in critical condition after being bitten by a snake. Doctors have removed toxins from his body and abdomen and are trying to keep him alive. However, it is advised not to do such antics with venomous snakes. & Nbsp;

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