KCR: KCR to Delhi on Sunday .. Announcement that they will come to settle the issue of grain purchases!

Telangana CM KCR is going to Delhi on Sunday. KCR has written a letter to the Center seeking clarification on the issue of procurement of grain, but it has been clarified that it will be settled in Delhi. He said he had decided to go to Delhi with CS and meet officials and Union ministers and the Prime Minister if necessary. Boiled & zwnj; Rice & zwnj; KCR doubted the statement that there was nothing to buy. I do not know how true that is .. Clarity will be taken during the Delhi tour.

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Rs. Compensation of Rs 22.5 crore! & Nbsp;

Rs. KCR announced compensation of Rs 3 lakh. 700 to 750 farmers lost their lives .. It will cost ₹ 22.5 crore to compensate all. For details of the martyred farmers, contact the Farmer Incident & zwnj; The leaders consulted with the leaders and announced that they would go along with the families of the martyred peasants and, if necessary, provide themselves with an ex gratia. As well as the center & nbsp; The Center has demanded an ex-gratia of Rs 25 lakh per farmer family. On farmers & nbsp; Thousands of cases have also been filed against those who supported the farmers to drop the case. The Center has demanded that the cases against the innocent be dropped. & Nbsp;

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Buy till the last seed of the monsoon harvest! & Nbsp; < / p>

KCR assured that the government will buy till the last seed in the monsoon crop. Already 6600 centers have been opened. No one said to worry. Farmers believe in the retail campaign of BJP leaders .. Raitubandhu will also give timely to Yasangi. & nbsp;

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It is not right to force agricultural bores to put meters! p> 24 hours free electricity for agriculture in Telangana & zwnj; & nbsp; giving electricity & zwnj; KCR alleged that the Center was pressuring the states to bring in legislation and put meters on agricultural motors. Farmers are very worried about this .. BJP advised to implement your decision in the ruled states. But, he said it would not make sense to order meters to be put in all states. & nbsp; Electricity in Parliament & zwnj; The Center wants the law bill to be withdrawn. & nbsp; KCR demanded that a census be conducted in the forthcoming census. & nbsp;

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