Kasala Jaipalreddy: Motivational speaker Kasala Jaipalreddy committed suicide .. posted on Facebook .. then in Nijansagar project ..

For those in trouble .. His words were very harsh. To those who say that this is the problem .. he solves it with his words. He inspires the students who are lagging behind in their studies with his words. The personality development expert who ensured the survival of many .. was half-hearted. Casala Jaipal Reddy, a prominent personality development expert from Kamareddy district, committed suicide by jumping into the Nijansagar project.

He left home for the Nizam Sagar project on Sunday night. And then jumped into it and committed suicide. However, he posted on social media before committing suicide. Nijansagar Project .. CH 62 Please excuse me .. I’m sorry wrote on Facebook. Some people who have seen the post for a while .. Batimiladaru what not to do in the comments. He said he would do anything to help. But already Jaipal Reddy has jumped into the Nijansagar project. When some people went there and saw .. objects belonging to Jaipal Reddy were found. Monday afternoon .. Police took out the body.

Jaipal Reddy wrote on Facebook two days ago that he was committing suicide due to health problems. But no one expected him to do so. As a personality development expert, Jaipal Reddy has counseled thousands. Spoke at approximately 8,000 conferences. Staying active on social media .. always writing motivational stuff. Jaipal Reddy says courage to all .. Family members, friends and relatives were plunged into tragedy by committing suicide.

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