Karimnagar: The life of the son of a senior leader in a road accident is dark .. CM KCR, Minister KTR appealed for support

Karimnagar EX ZPTC Member Jalli Peddulus Son Jalli Ajay: Life, which had been going on happily till then, was suddenly in turmoil. The life of the son of a senior leader has become dark after a road accident. At the age when he should be able to work enthusiastically, he is requesting financial assistance for his treatment in situations where he is completely dependent on other family members. CM KCR, Minister KTR & zwnj; Family members ask for help.

Jalli Ajay from Karimnagar is currently 38 years old. In the year 2015 he was involved in an accident while returning home after finishing a program. He underwent a check-up at a local hospital in Karimnagar and was usually treated for injuries. But as Ranu Ranu’s condition worsened, doubt began to arise as to whether Ajay’s brother’s problem would be exacerbated. With this, his brother approached the famous neurologists in Hyderabad as well as the famous Nim Hans in Bangalore for treatment. However, Ajay has already lost his eyesight due to a rare disease that affects one in millions of people due to severe damage to the optic nerve. The family members also started seeking government help as it had cost about Rs 15 lakh by then.

Even more tragic with the death of the senior leader ..
Died of a sudden heart attack. In fact, the elders became a key leader in the Congress party in Karimnagar. He won as a councilor in 1984-85 and then went on to hold various positions in the Congress for many years in the 90’s. Being a new born party, the party has been following the directives for the selection of candidates for the local body elections as well as for the membership of many to join the party.

Did his part in doing so. Maintained good relations with the leaders of almost all parties despite any differences in ideological terms. Owaipu’s son’s illness is declining. At the same time, he died of a heart attack in 2016 due to a miscarriage of fate. p>

Ajay’s mother and elder wife Bhagyalakshmi wants to support their son by providing them financial assistance. Ajay’s wife Jalli Kavitha said they would be indebted to CM KCR and Minister KTR for their help in treating her husband. She asked him to help her find a solution to her husband’s problem at an early age.

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