Karimnagar: Attack on a constable for questioning that he was not wearing a helmet … A riot broke out in the police arena …!

A young man attacked a police constable who questioned him for not wearing a helmet. The clash subsided when the locals intervened and stopped it. According to locals, the young man had behaved like this because both the parents of the victim were from the police department.

A young man is traveling without a helmet near the city collectorate. A constable asked him why he was traveling without a helmet. Like I said, the young man attacked the police constable. All those around him tried to stop the young man but he did not stop and started threatening the constable as he liked. The people there were shocked at once. The two were grabbed and taken to the side. Eventually the police got there and greeted the two. Locals say the attacker belonged to the family of a police officer. & Nbsp;

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Helmet must be worn

Allu Arjun, Sukumar combination floral film has become a super hit . Now the tribe is going viral with posts saying that Lay is declining everywhere you look on social media. Cricketers, if they are active on social media, they are reeling with the Allu Arjun steps down in the floral film. Hyderabad Traffic & zwnj; Police also used Pushparaj for helmet awareness. The traffic police who create awareness on traffic rules with dialogues and songs from various movies … recently posted by Pushparaj. Bikers wear helmets & zwnj; Helmet for a photo of a bunny riding a bike in a floral movie that must be worn. Petty was morphing. & nbsp; Helmet on photo & zwnj; The caption also states that the mandatory reduction is Lay. This post has gone viral on social media. Hyderabad Traffic Police tweeted that wearing a helmet will protect you & zwnj; Have done. The police are trying this innovative way with the intention of going public if they create awareness on traffic rules with trending movie dialogues. & Nbsp;

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