Jagityala Crime: Mantras lost their lives … Colonists are atrocious with suspicion of witchcraft … Key facts in Jagityala murder case

Police have arrested six accused in the murder case of a father and two sons who caused a stir in Telangana Jagittala TR Nagar. On the 20th of this month Jagannath Nageswara Rao killed his sons Rambabu and Ramesh under the guise of mantras by the colonists. Rs. Police seized 9,42,770 cash and 6 knives. A total of 24 people have been booked and six of them have been arrested, DSP Prakash said.

Murders & nbsp;

Police are actively investigating suspected homicides that have caused a statewide sensation. Three funerals were held Friday amid police security following the brutal murder of a father and two sons. However, the villagers did not attend the funeral. Nageswara Rao and two other sons hid in their relatives’ houses without attending the funeral for fear of being killed.

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Sons who did not attend the funeral for fear

Jagityala TR & zwnj ; Nagar & zwnj; On Thursday, Jagannath Nageswara Rao, a resident of the village, and his two sons Rambabu and Ramesh were brutally stabbed to death by some witches from the same colony on suspicion of witchcraft. The incident caused a stir across the state. Police have arrested 6 people in this case. A post-mortem was conducted on Friday for the bodies and a funeral was held amid police security. However, neither the colonists nor the villagers attended the funeral. His relatives conducted the funeral nearby. Meanwhile the superstitions on mantras are rampant in the village. Varanta, who belonged to the slain sect, was against Nageswararao. The colonists said without any fear before the police that they had decided to meet Tamanta and killed him. The women of the accused’s families say that they will kill the rest as well. In addition to this, the colonists have been strongly believing for some time that whoever dies in the village will fall ill if he casts spells. & nbsp; With this the locals sided with the Nageswararao family. The order came after a failed attempt to assassinate him near Sirisilla last month. The father and two sons escaped when the car was attacked. However, there were 40 families belonging to that sect in the village while the Nageshwara Rao sect was on one side while the rest were against him. That is why the locals say that he was killed according to the plan. & Nbsp;

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