Hyderabad Crime: If you are in a hurry not getting married for 40 years, the crore is gone ..

Although many scams are coming to light in the society through social media, some of them are still not aware of it. They fall into the trap of those cyber thugs. Despite the frequent articles in the media on such scams, some are still failing to beware. A similar incident recently took place in Guntur district. Facebook & zwnj; Facebook & zwnj; Introduced by a software called Love, Marriage & zwnj; Engineer & zwnj; Police have arrested a Kiladi couple who had pocketed Rs 1 crore from each other. Yarragudla Dasa and Jyothi from Guntur district introduced themselves to the engineer under the name Kalyanisree on Facebook. Loved it for a year and a half. Believed to be getting married. Chebadulu .. Rs. Crore was spent on other expenses in stages. Late detection of fraudulent software & zwnj; Employee Cyber ​​& zwnj; Crime & zwnj; Complaining to the police then the matter came to light. The police went to Sattanapalli in Guntur district and arrested the accused and brought them to Hyderabad. He appeared in court on Tuesday and was taken to jail.

A software engineer working for a multinational company in Hyderabad The engineer is 40 years old. Not married though. Under such circumstances, a year and a half ago, a woman named Jyothi posted on Facebook under the name Kalyanisree. Introduced by. She says she lives in Vijayawada, a traditional family. Then says he loves it. He has a phone & zwnj; Conditional not to do, not to come to Vijayawada. Just chatting & zwnj; Wanted to talk through. The accused Jyoti was assisted by Erragudla Dasa. Jyoti was actually created by Kalyanishree’s software & zwnj; Engineer & zwnj; .. he loves and offers to marry if he likes. Another phone & zwnj; Number & zwnj; Offered. The Red Egg slave acted like him. June & zwnj; in the name of expenses and other requirements. From 2020 to October 2021, he earned Rs. Dasa Noojeedu Triple & zwnj; IT student. In the past, a large software & zwnj; He worked in a company and became addicted to gambling. Online & zwnj; The company fired him for forgetting duties while playing rummy. Police say Banisai has been involved in betting scams ever since.

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