Hyd Ganja: Fertilizer on top .. Cannabis on the bottom! But the police found ..

Smuggling of cannabis from Andhra Pradesh has not stopped. Trucks for trucks kept coming out. Police in that state are not catching up but, police in other states are catching up just across the border. Police recently seized 1,820 kg of cannabis in a Hyderabad suburb. A gang was arrested by the Rachakonda police. Fertilizer bags were placed on top of each other as if they were transporting fertilizer in a ten-tire truck. Packets of marijuana were placed on the bottom. After getting accurate information, the police checked the vehicle and arrested him.

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Police found him moving over. A total of five people were arrested. Larry and the car were seized from them. & nbsp; Cannabis is bought in Visakhapatnam for Rs 8,000 per kg and sold in Maharashtra for Rs 15,000, said the Rachakonda commissioner. Narsipatnam, Rajahmundry, Chautaupal & zwnj; It was learned that cannabis was being smuggled to Solapur across the state. & nbsp; The value of the seized cannabis is said to be over Rs 3 crore.

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Cannabis smuggled from Andhra Pradesh to Maharashtra has been seized recently. Under the same week, a gang moving 1,200 kilograms of marijuana was caught. There have been incidents where some lorries have been caught there after they left for Maharashtra. The Telangana government has declared war on cannabis. Gave clear directions to police officers. With this they are not leaving marijuana information wherever it comes from.

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Smuggling & zwnj; Thousands of kilograms of marijuana are being seized in other states. It is coming across the AP border. & nbsp; However, the police did not arrest him. Other state intelligence police have information but the AP police do not.

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