Harish Rao Letter: Release the arrears due to Telangana .. Minister Harish Rao’s letter to the Center ..

Harish Rao mentioned in the letter ..

Under Section 94 (2) of the AP Reorganization Act, Rs. . We want to release these and extend the grant for five years after 2021-22. We request the release of Rs. 24,205 crore as per the directions of the Nitish Aayog.

Rs. It is still unclear why the Center rejected the recommendations of the 14th Finance Commission. Although the state fulfilled all the conditions, these grants were rejected for no specific reason. Therefore, we request you to release these as soon as possible. Indicated. There have been no instances in the past where the financial community’s recommendations have been rejected. Therefore, the funds should be sanctioned without any delay. With this, Rs 495.20 crore due to Telangana went to Andhra Pradesh. Although we have brought this matter to the attention of the Accountant General along with the Government of Andhra Pradesh, it has not yet been adjusted to Telangana. & nbsp; So we want this amount to be released to Telangana immediately. & nbsp; In addition, we request the adjustment of Rs 210 crore of pending IGST funds.

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