Gold-Silver Price: Good news .. Massively reduced gold price .. Today’s prices in the region of silver fell like a ..

Gold prices fell sharply in Telugu states today. Along with the pound sterling, the price of silver fell sharply. Silver fell by Rs 900 per kg. Latest price of 22 carat 10 gram (Libra) gold, Hyderabad & zwnj; 45,050 in the market. 24 carat pure gold (99.99 purity) is currently priced at Rs 49,150. The price of pure silver in the Hyderabad market is Rs 69,500 per kg. The same prices are applicable in other cities across Telangana. The price of 22 carat ornament gold today is Rs 45,050. The 24 carat biscuit gold is priced at Rs 49,150. The price of a kilo of silver here is Rs 69,500. In the Visakhapatnam market, 22 carat gold was priced at Rs 45,050 and 24 carat gold at Rs 49,150. The price of silver here is Rs 69,500 per kg, similar to Hyderabad. . Gold prices in different cities of the country are as follows today. In Chennai, 22 carat gold was priced at Rs 45,340 and 24 carat gold at Rs 49,460 today. 22 carat gold is priced at Rs 46,990 in Mumbai, while 24 carat gold is priced at Rs 47,990.

Platinum rises in price
Platinum price fell by Rs 15 per gram today. In Hyderabad, the price of 10 grams of platinum is Rs 24,700. In Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada, the price of 10 grams of platinum is the same. , The daily change in silver prices depends on a wide variety of factors around the world. The rise in gold prices in the international market is also a factor. However, there are again many international reasons for the rise in the price of cash in the global market. Many factors affect the price of gold, such as inflation, gold reserves at the central bank, rising or falling interest rates, and consumer demand for gold in various jewelry markets.

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