Eatala Rajender: Is the CM asleep? What was said then .. MLA Eeta flag

MLA Itala Rajender questioned why the Chief Minister, who often claims that Telangana is a rich state, is not able to buy paddy in the KCR state. The government is not buying the grain of the farmers and the farmers are staggering at the quarries. Itala Rajender demanded that farmers should buy grain, putting politics aside. Eddewa said the central government had earlier said it would not buy more grain than it needed and that KCR was asleep without taking alternative measures. It is flagrant that the Chief Minister is engaging in violent politics by using the police in this state. Itala Rajender expressed confidence that the BJP would come to power in the coming days. Yadadri Itala Rajender visited Bhubaneswar district. Spoke on this occasion.

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Huzurabad & zwnj; Sub & zwnj; Itala said that in the wake of losing the election, the impatience in the CM KCR has increased a lot. “They are getting into trouble by not buying grain from farmers,” he said. He recalled that the central government had been buying grain in the state for seven years. Itala also said that the central government was investing heavily in the grain grown by the farmers. He said that now the state government was not going to buy the grain and the farmers were having trouble. TRS & zwnj; Stop doing politics and buy grain.

As part of the joint Khammam district tour .. Yadadri extended a heartfelt thank you to all the BJP party leaders, activists and fans who gave a solid welcome in Bhubaneswar district, Chautaupal.

& mdash; Eatala Rajender (@Eatala_Rajender) November 28, 2021

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Yadadri Bhubaneswar District, Chautaupal with local leaders Dr. B.R. Wreaths were laid at the statue of Ambedkar and rich tributes were paid to him.

& mdash; Eatala Rajender (@Eatala_Rajender) November 28, 2021

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