Breaking News Live: Karthika full moon noise in Telugu states .. Shaiva fields jammed

Shaiva fields are jammed on the occasion of Karthika full moon. Shiva temples have been full of devotees since morning. Warangal Weyisthambala Temple, Ramappa Ramalingeswara Temple, Palakurti Someshwara Temple and Kaleshwara Mukteshwara Swamy Temple are crowded with devotees. Special worships and anointings are performed in the temples. The women left their lamps in the river Godavari near Kaleswaram. Women also light lamps and plant trees in the temples.

Yadadri Lakshmi Narasimha Temple is crowded with devotees on the occasion of Karthika Full Moon. Devotees pay homage to the plants with Satyanarayana Swamy vratas and Karthika Deeparadhanas. Shiva temples across Nalgonda district are bustling with devotees from early morning on the occasion of Karthika full moon. Panagallu lined up with devotees at Chhaya Someshwara Temple and Vadapalli Swamy Temple. Devotees take holy baths and light Kartik lamps at riverside temples. Diesel price remained stable at Rs 94.62 per liter. Prices have been stable in Hyderabad for the past few days. In Warangal, petrol price remained stable at Rs 107.69. Diesel price also remained stable at Rs 94.14. The same fuel prices continue in Warangal Rural District. Petrol price in Vijayawada market has gone up slightly today. It has risen by Rs 0.14 per liter to Rs 110.51 per liter. Diesel price also rose by Rs 0.15 paise to Rs 96.59 per liter. Silver rose by Rs 10 per gram. Silver rose by Rs 0.40 per gram. Latest price of 22 carat 10 gram (Libra) gold, Hyderabad & zwnj; 46,000 in the market. 24 carat pure gold (99.99 purity) is currently priced at Rs 50,180. The price of pure silver in the Hyderabad market is Rs 71,400 per kg.

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