AP TS Corona Updates: Massive increase in recoveries in AP … 174 new corona cases

24,659 Kovid diagnostic tests were conducted in Andhra Pradesh during the last 24 hours. Of these, 174 were diagnosed with Kovid positive. Kovid deaths were not reported today. Kovid & zwnj; The death toll rose to 14,426. 301 people recovered in the state in a single day period. With this, 20,54,553 victims have so far recovered from the corona in the state. 2,265 active in AP & zwnj; The state medical health department said there were cases.

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The total number of positive cases across the state has reached 20,71,244. In the past 24 hours, 301 people have recovered from Kovid. There are still 2,265 active cases in the state. No deaths were reported in the last 24 hours in the AP. The total death toll in the state has risen to 14,426 so far. & Nbsp;

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Corona cases in the country

There were 10,488 new cases of corona in the country and 313 people died from the virus. The total number of cases reached 3,45,10,413. The number of active cases stood at 1,22,714. This was revealed by the Union Ministry of Health.

  • Total cases: 3,45,10,413
  • Total deaths: 4,65,662
  • Active cases: 1,22,714
  • Recovered: 3,39,22,037

The number of people recovering from the corona so far has risen to 3,39,09,708. The death toll rose to 4,65,662. The mortality rate was 1.35. The recovery rate was 98.29%. This is the highest recovery rate since March 2020. & nbsp; Less than 20,000 daily corona cases have been reported since the last 44 days. The last 147 days have been less than 50,000. & Nbsp;

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