You have never seen such a terrible accident! The rags of 3 vehicles were blown away at once; shocking video viral

There is a need to be very careful while walking on the road, whether you are walking by car or walking on foot. Especially when driving by car, then care has to be taken everywhere, right-left, up-down, because no one knows when and how the accident may happen. Even more vigilance is required in those places, where vehicles are coming and going from three sides or all four sides, because in such places Accident Chances are high. You must have seen all kinds of videos related to the accident on social media, which are quite surprising. Nowadays one such shocking video is going viral, after seeing which your hair will stand, because this accident is so terrible.

In this accident, not one or two but three-three vehicles get blown away. In the video you can see that a car is trying to cross the road when a speeding truck hits it directly and drags it forward. During this, a truck coming from the front collides with those vehicles, due to which the rags of the truck fly away in one stroke. Now how many people were injured in this terrible accident, how many people got lost in the cheeks of Kaal, it is not known, but the accident was so dangerous that there could be a possibility of people getting seriously injured as well as their death.

Your heart will be shocked to see this video

This heart-wrenching video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter. Dash Cam Twats Shared by name ID. This 12-second video has got more than 1 lakh 31 thousand views so far, while hundreds of people have also liked the video and given various reactions. Some have termed this accident like a horrific scene shown in the film ‘Final Destination’, while some say that ‘this cannot be true’.

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