Wonderful mischief… the dog made bad condition of the boy; Watch 10 Viral Videos

Social media is a storehouse of viral videos. Like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media Various types of videos often go viral on the platforms. Sometimes a video makes people laugh and some make them cry. At the same time, many videos also surprise a lot. Videos related to dogs are also seen here a lot. the world’s best dogs faithful animal Supposedly, you must have known this. At the same time, they are also very intelligent and from time to time they are also seen showing their understanding. Although sometimes devils do too. One such dog on social media nowadays video viral It is happening, seeing which you will be laughing.

Actually, in this video, the dog is seen troubling a boy and troubling him in such a way that it only spoils his condition. In the video you can see that a boy and a girl are standing in the middle of a small canal, where there is also some water. There he also has a pet dog. He mischievously pulls the branch of a small tree and then releases it. Now the injury caused to the boy by that twig starts groaning. At the same time, the dog agrees to do the same again. This 11-second video has got millions of views so far.

See this funny prank of dog

You have seen the mischief of the dog, now let’s have a look at some such videos, which are becoming very viral on social media.

Wow! Amazing staff brother…

This is what is called going without mind!

This is the right way to fool!

Survived brother…

Amazing playful dog brother

Hey re re… who steals like this man

Come on sister! Have fun…

Wow! great confidence brother

It’s called a big prank!

People are very fond of these videos viral on social media.

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