Viral: With her swag, the grandmother bitten on social media, seeing the picture, the users said – ‘Age is just a number’

Often you must have seen young people juggling with super bikes on the road, these people take out the bike on the road with great difficulty. After seeing whom the elders say that this way of riding a bike is absolutely wrong, but what if only an elderly person rides a bike at speed on the road? Yes, you read it right because a picture on social media is becoming increasingly viral these days. In which an elderly woman (Dadi On Superbike) is seen riding a bike on the road.

In the picture going viral, you can see that an elderly woman is seen riding a bike on the road like a youth. The bike is so heavy that even a young man can’t ride it, but Dadi is looking very cool and riding a bike. Looking at this picture, it really seems that age is just a number and nothing else!

watch video here

This picture has been shared on Twitter by Uttar Pradesh ADG officer Navniet Sekera. Till the time of writing the news, more than 6.5 thousand people have liked it and their feedback is being given through comments.

After seeing this picture, a user commented and wrote, ‘Grandma’s swag is really strange.’ At the same time, another user wrote, ‘The condition of good youth will get spoiled in driving this bike, but seeing grandmother, it does not seem that she is afraid of anything.’ Another user commented on the video and wrote, ‘Grandmother’s swag etc. is fine but you are without a helmet, your challan can be cut. Apart from this, many other people have made funny comments on this.

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