Viral Video: When Japanese grandmother tasted Indian food for the first time, the woman gave a funny reaction as soon as she ate the first bite

Indian food is famous all over the world for its taste. The main purpose of all the people who come to visit foreign tourists India is to enjoy the flavors here. There will be very few people in this world who have not tasted Indian cuisine at some point in their life, Indian cuisine is so popular that people never stop talking about them. You will get to see many such videos on the Internet, where foreigners try our food and after that their reaction is really amazing. In recent times too, the reaction of a Japanese woman is becoming increasingly viral. In which she tries ‘Palak Paneer and Mix Veg’ for the first time and then gives such a reaction. Due to which the matter has become a topic of discussion in the Internet world.

In the video going viral, you can see an elderly Japanese woman breaking the roti and trying it with Palak Paneer. After eating the first morsel, the woman becomes a fan of Indian food. After which she asks the chef. what is this? On this the chef says that this Indian dish is Palak Paneer. To which the Japanese grandmother said, ‘Hmm yum! It looks healthy.

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This video has been shared on Instagram by Nisha Zaveri, who runs a catering service in Kobe, Japan on her Instagram. With which he wrote the caption, ‘Reaction to a Japanese grandmother trying Palak Paneer and Mix Vegetable Curry for the first time!’ Till the writing of the news, it has been liked by more than 17 thousand people.

After watching this video on Instagram, users also gave their own feedback. One user wrote, ‘Remember my point, once you taste Indian food, there is nothing like it after that. “While another user wrote, ‘Looking at her reaction, it seems that she will never eat Japanese again.’ Apart from this, many other users have given their feedback on this.