Viral Video: Unique desi jugaad to drive away birds, watching the video you will also say- ‘Oh wow’

In the case of Jugaad, Indians have no match. There are more than one such jugaad people in the country, whose desi jugaad surprises the people. Recently a tremendous desi jugaad (Desi JugaadThe video of ) became very viral on social media, in which the girl’s people welcomed the processions with a thresher machine. In fact, the girl’s side had installed a thresher machine at the entry gate of the tent, so that the processions did not feel hot, due to which the cold air coming out was giving relief to the processions from the scorching and stinging heat. Since the biggest problem for the farmers are the birds, which destroy the crops, in such a way a farmer has made a unique jugaad (Jugaad) for it.Unique Jugaad), after which the birds hardly even look towards his field.

In the video you can see that a pole has a tin fan on one side and a pot on the other. The farmer has fixed the fan with the help of nut-bolts in such a way that the fan keeps spinning with the wind and whenever it spins, the sound of tonnage comes from the pot. This unique experiment of the farmer is a great jugaad to keep the birds away from the fields. Now it is not known whether the birds are running away from the fields due to this jugaad, but seeing this jugaad seems effective, which will definitely stop the birds from coming near.

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This unique desi jugaad video has been shared on social media platform Instagram with the name techzexpress, which has been viewed more than 18 million i.e. more than 18 million times so far, while more than 3 lakh 20 thousand people have seen the video. Liked it too. At the same time, people have given different types of reactions after watching the video. A user has written in a funny way that what would happen if the bird became deaf. Although many users have praised this indigenous jugaad of the farmer.