Viral Video: Titli and Doggy’s jugalbandi won the hearts of people, did you see?

Funny videos of animals are coming in the world of internet viral keep happening. The most striking feature of these content is that the animal actions and innocence in them are enough to win the hearts of the users, especially if Video If it is related to Doggy, then the matter is different because people not only watch them but also share them with their relatives so that watching these videos becomes their day too. Now a video of one such dog is going viral. After seeing it once, your heart will surely not be filled.

In the video, a cute little dog is seen having fun playing with his ball in the garden. During this, a lovely butterfly comes and she sits on the dog’s feet. Where Doggy becomes careful at first but later runs after them to play with them, but the butterfly does not come to his hand.

watch video here

This video was posted from @buitengebieden_ Twitter account and you will be surprised to know that the video has got close to one million views and more than fifty thousand likes so far. Commenting on the video, a user wrote, ‘This video is really cute and it has made my day.’ While another user wrote, ‘Similar videos spread positivity on the internet.’ Another user wrote, ‘I am finding this video butterfly only fake.’ Apart from this, many other users praised this video in different ways.

In the video going viral, you can see that Doggy is playing in the garden by pressing the ball in the mouth. Initially, both the butterflies are seen flying around the dog, but after a while one of them comes and sits on the dog’s nose. Due to which the dog becomes alert and when the butterflies fly, he also starts going after them. Users are very fond of this jugalbandi between dogs and butterflies.

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