Viral Video: This rat fought like a ‘lion’ with chickens till the last breath, people got emotional after seeing it, watch video

If someone wants to be called a coward, then people drag the poor mouse into it. Not only this, if you want to prove someone weak, then people drag the poor mouse there too and call the fellow a mouse. That’s not what happened. Do someone, fill someone. Well, if you mice If you consider yourself to be a coward, then after watching this video, maybe you will change your thinking. In the viral clip, a rat can be seen battling against the chickens till his last breath. During this, the rat shows courage like a ‘lion’, so that for a moment chicken gets nervous too. So let’s watch this video.

In the viral clip, you can see that the rat is going on a rampage in the courtyard of the house, when a rooster surrounds it and tries to attack. In the video, even though the mouse eventually dies, but before that, the courage with which he fights the chicken is worth watching. You can see that once the rat makes such a claim that even the rooster gets nervous. Now another rooster falls on the mouse. Then the first cock pecking the mouse kills the mouse. But after watching this video, people are appreciating the courage of this mouse. Some people are even getting emotional after watching the video.

Watch the video of a rat fighting with chickens here

In this fight between a mouse and two chickens, even though the rat was weak in body, he showed courage like a ‘lion’ in front of the chickens till his last breath. Instead of giving up, the mouse fought firmly with the chickens and told them that neither consider themselves weak nor give up.

This video has been shared on Twitter with the handle @BrutalNature1. This video uploaded a day ago has been viewed more than 74 thousand times so far. At the same time, many people have commented on the video. One user has written, even though he was a mouse, but after seeing this video, he started crying. At the same time, another user says that he fought till the last breath. Overall, people are getting emotional after watching this video.

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