Viral Video: The video of Doggy playing baseball has won the hearts of the Internet’s public, has more than 2.5 million views

Every day on social media, some or the other video related to pets keeps getting viral (Pet Animal Videos). Especially the public of social media likes to watch videos related to pet dogs with great fervor. This is the reason that whenever a video related to Doggy is shared on the Internet, it immediately becomes viral. In this episode, a very wonderful video of Doggy is going viral on social media. In which Doggy is seen playing baseball. The way the dog hits the ball with the bat, you will find it very funny. This video of Doggy is winning the hearts of social media users.

This video that went viral is of a few seconds, but after seeing Doggy’s talent, your eyes will also be torn apart. This video appears to have been shot in a garage, in which a doggie is seen playing baseball with his owner. Doggy is holding a baseball bat, while its owner is bowling from the other end. As soon as the owner throws the ball, Doggy swings the bat and hits the perfect shot. This is really a surprising sight, because a game which is not even a matter of a child’s bus, is being executed by a doggy with great perfection. The rapport between the owner and the dog while playing baseball is also amazing. So let’s watch this video first.

When the dog played baseball, you will be stunned to see the video

The video of this dog playing baseball has been shared on Twitter with the handle @Laughs_4_All. Giving a funny caption, the user wrote, Homerun! This video uploaded a day ago is creating panic in the world of social media. The video has been viewed more than 23 lakh times so far.

After watching the video, netizens are blown away by Doggy’s baseball skills. A user has written in praise, did wonders, I wish my dog ​​could also do something like this. At the same time, another user says, ‘Before this, good baseball players have failed.’ Another user commented and wrote, ‘Amazing dog.’ Overall, people are enjoying this video a lot.

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