Viral Video: The person who wanted to bring down the other happened again, people watching the video said – this is called decision on the spot

When someone does bad to someone, it is said that sooner or later his account is fixed in some way or the other. However, sometimes this calculation turns out to be very quick! not sure then viral happening this Video Just look at it. After seeing this, the light of your mind will light up immediately and you will probably think a hundred times before doing bad to someone!

It is said that do karma and do not worry about the result, but brother, when someone does bad to someone, it is also said that sooner or later the account of it gets done in some way or the other. However, sometimes this calculation turns out to be quite quick! One such video is going viral on Twitter nowadays, after watching which you will definitely remember the saying that a person gets the fruits of his deeds.

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In the video you can see that a man is walking comfortably on the road. During this, two bike riders passing in front of him, the person sitting behind does not know what is going on, he pushes that person. However, he also got the fruits of his bad karma immediately. Due to his push, the balance of the scooty immediately deteriorates and both of them together fall on the ground face to face. The video is enough to show that if we do wrong to someone, then trying to cause unnecessary harm can be costly.

This video has been shared on Twitter by an account named @karmanahora. This clip has got more than 26 lakh views till the time of writing the news and people are giving their feedback by commenting. Commenting on the video, a user wrote, ‘Why did the bike riders push the person on the way, it is much beyond my understanding.’ At the same time, another user wrote, ‘Those who harass someone without any meaning should be the same with them.’ Seeing this clip, where many users could not stop laughing, many said that bad work results in bad results.

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