Viral Video: The man opened the window of the bus to feed the tiger, then the senses will fly away after seeing what happened, watch the video

a lot on social media shocking video appeared, in which a a bus driver Driving in a National Park. as soon as one Tiger reaches near. He tries to feed her a piece of meat by opening the window. Seeing this video, social media users have been stunned. People say that this act of the bus driver could have proved fatal for him. Many users have even termed the driver as the biggest fool.

In the video going viral, you can see that the driver is trying to feed meat balls to the tiger by opening the window of the bus. He is holding the camera with one hand. In the viral clip, the tiger brings its head to the inside of the window. Not only this, the tiger did not cause any harm to the driver, but if he had killed even one paw, then the person could have suffered serious injuries. In such a situation, the netizens are finding this act of the driver stupid. So let’s watch this video first.

Watch the video, the driver started feeding the tiger by opening the bus window

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This very shocking video of the tiger and the bus driver has been shared on the social media platform Instagram on a page named the_amazing_tigers. So far more than 26 thousand people have liked this video uploaded on July 17, but after watching it, people are left stunned. Because, no one expected the kind of action the man-eating tiger did in the viral clip. However, after watching the video, everyone is telling lies to the bus driver. People say that this was a stupid act. This could have cost the life of the driver.

Commenting on a user wrote, such stupidity is not right just to get likes and views on the video. At the same time, another user has written while commenting, this tiger turned out to be a big manor. Another user has written, what a freak brother. Why do you do such stupidity? These tigers could not be your friend. It is better to stay away from them. Overall, people are shocked to see this video.

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