Viral Video: The happiness of marriage and the person blew many notes of 500 rupees in the air, people were stunned after watching the video

Sometimes some such videos become viral on social media, which surprises everyone. Now you know the importance of money. In today’s time if you do not have money then there is nothing. Nowadays people’s respect is increasing only with money. If you have money then people will respect you and if you don’t have no one to ask you. By the way, you will often see that people with money shed money like water in marriages. Such videos are also viral on social media (Viral Videos) keep happening, in which people are seen blowing bundles of notes. One such video is becoming very viral these days, which has created panic on social media and has made not only people but also the police think.

Actually, a man is seen flying 500 rupees notes in the air in front of Gulzar Hauz Road near the famous Charminar of Hyderabad. He is wasting these money as if it is of no value to them. In the video you can see a man wearing a sherwani and a kurta and standing on top of a fountain and blowing bundles of notes in the air. It is being told that this scene is of a wedding, in which a person is seen raining money. The special thing is that when the person was blowing money in the air, during that time many more people were present there and were capturing this astonishing sight in their mobiles.

Watch Video:

You must have seen many people blowing 10-20 rupee notes in the air in marriage, but hardly anyone would have seen anyone blowing 500-500 rupee notes. This video of just 30 seconds has surprised people. However, after watching this video, people are also slamming the person who blows the note. One user has written that ‘Donate to the poor, do not harm it and insult our national currency. You haven’t done anything that people should be proud of. Well, the police is investigating this matter and is looking for the person who blew the notes in the air.

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