Viral Video: The cat was seen sleeping comfortably in the lap of the statue, netizens said – ‘It is a matter of comfort’

In the world, if most people keep any one among the animals, then it is the dog and the cat. Their videos go viral on social media faster than other videos because we humans are very attached to them. While dogs are considered to be the most loyal animals in the world, cats are considered to be very mischievous animals. Their mischief is more than one, but the video that has come out these days is a little different and after watching it you will understand that animals understand the language of love more than humans.

In the video going viral, you can see that a cat lying down assuming a statue made in the garden as a human. Along with this, she is repeatedly expressing her love on the statue. Seeing the clip, it seems that the cat aunt is lovingly trying to thank the statue in a special way. There may not be life in the stone idol, but the mere feeling filled that cat with relief.

watch video here

This video has been shared on Twitter by an account named Buitengebieden. With which he wrote a very adorable caption. Till the time of writing the news, this video has got 4.2 million i.e. more than 42 lakh views. Along with this, people are giving their own feedback after watching this video.

Commenting on the video, a user wrote, ‘An animal understands the language of love more than humans.’ Another user wrote, ‘Brother! this is a matter of comfort. Another user wrote, this clip going viral made my day. Apart from this, many more people have given their feedback by commenting on this.

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