Viral Video: Suddenly seeing the lion in front of the person got tight, see what happened in the video

If you want to enjoy the beauty of wildlife, then nothing can be a better option than Jungle Safari. Through this, wild animals also get a chance to see very closely. But imagine you are enjoying a safari and all of a sudden a Babbar lion comes close to your car, what would be your first reaction? It is obvious that seeing the lion very close, your condition will become slim. At present, a similar video is making a lot of headlines on social media, in which a lion reaches very close to the tourists’ vehicles. In the video, the condition of the Ranger sitting on the tracker seat is worth watching.

This video going viral is of few seconds, but the view seen in it is really breath taking. In the video you can see that during the jungle safari, the car stops at one place. Tourists take out their cameras and take photos from here and there. But whatever happens after that, seeing someone’s heart beat increases. You can see that a Babbar lion comes very close to the Ranger sitting on the tracker seat. After this he gets so nervous that he does not even move from his seat. During this, the eyes of the lion are worth seeing. However, there is no information about what happens after this, as the video ends here.

The condition worsened after seeing the lion

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This video has been shared on Instagram from a page named The user wrote in the caption, if you were in the tracker seat, what would you do? About 3 thousand people have liked this video uploaded a day ago. But most of the users are quite surprised to see this video. Commenting on a user, wrote, the eyes of the lion show how angry he is staring at the person. At the same time, another user has written while commenting, the lion may not be hungry, so he did not attack. Similarly, most of the users are expressing surprise after watching the video.

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