Viral Video: Son gave this advice to mother after adding more oil, mother brought down the ghost of diet in desi style

Mother-son relationship is the most unique in the world. There is only one relationship in which the mother knows her child in every way. what does he need. Mother understands without saying. But when the children grow up, considering the small things of the mother as bad, they start estimating them. Children do not even realize that under what circumstances a mother can kill her children foster care Increase taxes. But today’s children are worried about this thing..they just keep busy in their own tune. like that Video The front has come to the fore these days where a son was hitting the mother in style, but in a moment the mother took down the ghost of her son in a desi manner.

No matter how big the child may be, the mother takes care of her children just like small children and wants to feed them all kinds of nutritious food, but in today’s youth, there is a lot of awareness about health, so these people oil Avoid things made from ghee. In the pursuit of health, children reduce the consumption of oil and ghee present in the house. Something similar was seen in this video as well, but the mother reprimanded her son in such a way that his diet was completely lost.

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In the video you can see that the mother is making gram flour cheela while standing in the kitchen, during this time her son comes and advises his mother not to pour ghee-oil etc. The mother who angrily says, ‘Could I make cheela in water?’ Angrily, Lal Mummy further said, ‘How will the cheela be made? A little bit of oil will have to be added. On which the son says that today the whole diet has been annihilated. Hearing this, the anger of the mother reaches the seventh sky and she says that if you make it yourself, then you put spices from all over the world, then you do not know, ‘Whatever you use for your own food, nothing happens and When I do good things desi ghee, it doesn’t feel good to have a good homemade breakfast. If you eat a burger outside, you do not get fat.

After listening to the mother, the son says that hey, there is so much fat even in desi ghee. The mother who gets enraged with anger and says, ‘Don’t eat karchhi, don’t get cheela, you’ll get the curry. Eat whatever you are getting quietly. This video is becoming fiercely viral on Instagram. So far this video has been liked by more than 90 thousand people.

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