Viral Video: ‘Papa’s angel’ took photos at such a place, people were terrified to see, watch the video

in camera unique selfie Or some people do not hesitate to risk their lives in the process of capturing pictures. You must have read and heard many such news through social media, when people became victims of unpleasant incident in the process of taking selfie. At the moment, a similar shocking video has surfaced, in which a girl is seen sitting at the very end of a high hill and getting the video shot. It can be seen in the viral clip that a slight negligence and the woman could have fallen straight into the ditch. Whoever saw this video is stunned.

In the video going viral, you can see that a girl sits at the very end of the hill. A slight mistake and the girl could have fallen straight into the deep gorge. By the way, hardly anyone survives after falling from this height. Usually people are scared to go to such places. But looking at this girl, it seems that she is not afraid of height at all. This view is really heart-stopping.

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This very shocking video has been shared on Instagram with an account named diana_dzewes. The user wrote in the caption, ‘Would you dare to do this? If you are not an experienced climber, don’t do it at all, it can be dangerous.’ This video, shared on July 9, has been liked by more than 1 lakh people so far. However, in the video, the netizens are stunned to see the girl sitting at the very end of the hill and shooting the video. Some have even said that if you do not stop such things, then they will unfollow.

One user wrote while commenting, I will follow you, but you promise that you will not do such madness again. At the same time, another user has written while commenting, I do not understand how people risk their lives just to have a picture taken. Another user has written while commenting, this is very risky. Overall, this video has taken people by surprise.

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