Viral Video: Orangutan was seen smoking a cigarette like a human, after applying the puff, rubbed it on the ground like this

If you go to any zoo or national park, then you will see many such notice boards on which it will be written that do not give any food or drink to the animals. But some tourists ignore these things to have fun with animals. The result is that sometimes tourists get into trouble, sometimes they become a problem for the animals. At present, a very shocking video from a zoo has surfaced on social media, after which the netizens are very furious. Actually, in the viral clip, an orangutan can be seen smoking a cigarette.

This shocking video is from Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In the video going viral, you can see that an orangutan is seen with great pleasure smoking a cigarette, which was probably thrown there by a tourist. The orangutan can be seen holding a cigarette between its fingers like a human. Not only this, after taking a puff of cigarette, he also extinguishes it by rubbing it on the ground.

Here’s a video of an orangutan smoking a cigarette

According to zoo officials, the orangutan came to Vietnam from Borneo. A zoo spokesperson has also clarified that the cigarette was thrown into the orangutan’s enclosure by a tourist and not the zoo staff.

People got angry after watching the video

After the video surfaced on YouTube, the anger of the netizens has erupted and there has been a flood of reactions from the people. One user has written while commenting, it is very sad when such kind of behavior is seen with such intelligent animals. This video is not funny at all. On this, the spokesperson of the zoo says that people often throw things in animal enclosures. The orangutan learns the use of these things by watching them and then starts applying it on itself.

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