Viral Video: On the birthday, the child extinguished the candle in a cute way, seeing the cuteness will make your day

In the world of Internet, videos related to children keep going viral every day. Which users like very much. These videos are very adorable. After seeing whom people remember their childhood. Many videos are so cute. Who wants to see again and again. In recent days, the video of one such cute child is becoming increasingly viral. Seeing the cuteness of the child, you will also say- Hi Re! Innocence. The reaction of the child to this child in the video is really amazing. After seeing this, surely your day will definitely be made.

Often you must have seen that children are very excited about their birthday. From cutting the cake to the end of the birthday party, they are very curious. Now look at this video that has surfaced, where a child is celebrating his birthday, a cake is placed in front of him and a candle has also been placed on it. Which he had to make a lot of effort to extinguish, but after the candle was extinguished, the child gave a wonderful reaction.

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In the video going viral, you can see that a child is cutting a cake on his birthday. During this, his relatives present there are increasing his enthusiasm by clapping. During this, the child is seen extinguishing the candle, but it does not extinguish it. After this, the child extinguishes the candle by hitting his hand and all the people present there start laughing and seeing them, that cute child also starts laughing.

This funny video has been shared on Instagram by an account named minikvideolarim. Till the time of writing the news, more than 1.5 lakh people have liked it. Apart from this, people are giving their feedback by commenting on the video. One user wrote, ‘This kid is really cute.’ On the other hand, another user commented on the video and wrote, ‘This can make someone’s day comfortably.’ Another user wrote, ‘This kid has won my heart.’

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