Viral Video: Man opens window to feed tiger meat, then you will be surprised to see what happened

This world is full of different types of animals. Some are small, some are giant, some are calm and some are very dreadful, who attack humans on seeing them. These include animals like lion, tiger, leopard etc. Although lions are in the first place among dangerous animals, but after that the number of tigers comes. They are also very dangerous, who keep wandering around in the forest in search of prey and if any prey (such as animals like deer, buffalo) is seen by them, then they fall on it. Humans are this dreaded wild animals It is advisable to stay away from social media But nowadays a very shocking video is going viral, in which a man is seen feeding a piece of meat to a tiger in the forest.

Granted that some people are courageous, but it is foolish to show courage in front of such dangerous wild animals, because a single human can never compete with them. If ever humans make the mistake of confronting them, then they will eat them by tearing them. Well, in this video, no such incident is seen, but the stupidity of the person is definitely seen.

Watch this shocking video of the tiger:

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In the video you can see that a man stops his car and tries to feed a piece of meat to a tiger. Now since tigers are carnivorous animals, seeing a piece of meat, he immediately goes to the person and standing on the window, grabs the piece of meat in a hurry. After this, the surprising thing is seen that the person asks him to leave and starts closing the window of the car. However, during this time the tiger does not give any reaction. So it looks like he might have gone.

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