Viral Video: Little deer pretended to die on the road, then something happened that galloped and ran

Deer (Dear) you must have seen. These are the most common animals seen in zoos. They are considered one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. You will be surprised to know that about 60 species of deer are found all over the world. Apart from this, you are hardly aware that deer are found in every region of the world except Antarctica. By the way, all kinds of videos related to deer often go viral on social media, in which videos related to their hunting are seen more. They are the first choice for dangerous animals like lion, tiger and leopard. On seeing the deer, these wild animals break down on them, but nowadays such a video is viral on social media.Viral Video) is happening, which is pretty funny. After watching this video, you will also get a little emotional in the beginning, but seeing what happens in the last, you will be left laughing.

Actually, in this video a little deer was pretending to die. Later, when a man tried to remove him from the road, he suddenly got up and galloped away. In the video you can see that some vehicles are stopped and a person is removing something from the road. At first it seems that the dog or some other animal must have been crushed to death by a car and the person tries to remove it on the side of the road, but as soon as he brings it to the shore, the little deer got up and ran fast towards the forest. goes. Seeing such a funny sight, anyone can be left laughing.

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